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I’m Rose! I am a chocolate-loving dietitian on a mission to help people find satisfaction and joy in eating all foods. Life is about more than getting everything perfect, and food doesn’t have to be complicated.

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What I’ve Learned in my First Year as a Dietitian

What I’ve Learned in my First Year as a Dietitian

Exactly 1 year ago today, I passed the Registered Dietitian (RD) exam. Wooo!! For those of who you don’t know, the RD exam is the test that you take to officially become a dietitian. The exam was a culmination of 2+ years of taking prerequisites […]

Why you should eat MORE, and not less

Why you should eat MORE, and not less

Hello everyone! This past week has been even more hectic than last somehow. Working all day at one job, to come home to do the other till about 9pm each night is exhausting. This weekend has been about sleeping in and making sure we have […]

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