Does this sound like you?

⇒ Do you spend most of your time thinking about to eat, or what not to eat?

⇒ Have you tried every diet under the sun, and the thought of starting another one is exhausting?

⇒ Are there so many food rules in your brain that you don’t even know what to eat anymore?

⇒ Are you constantly feeling anxious and stressed when you go out to social events?

⇒ Do you keep your favorite foods out of the house for fear of eating them?

I hear you.

We know that diets don't work. Cycles of weight loss and weight gain are negative for health, both physically and emotionally. My goal is to help you ditch the dieting and the food rules, and get back in touch with your body to find balance and build sustainable, health-promoting practices.

Imagine a life where you:

⇒ Are free from counting calories and obsessing about food

⇒ Can recognize and actively reject diet culture messaging

⇒ Know how to honor your hunger and fullness cues

⇒ Feel confident eating foods that you really enjoy, without the guilt

⇒ Speak compassionately to yourself and actively work on building respect for your body

⇒ Know how to care for yourself emotionally

⇒ Make peace with your natural body size

⇒ Have a healthy relationship with exercise/movement

⇒ Know how to apply evidence-based nutrition information, while listening to your body's own wisdom

These practices will allow you to free up headspace for the things that really matter in your life, and help you rediscover the joy of eating. If you want to start your journey to food freedom, click below to schedule a free discovery call!

A discovery call is a free 30-minute phone call which allows you to share what you are struggling with, and how I can best support you in your journey. You have the opportunity to ask questions about the practice, what to expect in sessions, and we will discuss what package is the best fit for you.

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"Working with Rose was the greatest decision I have ever made. She truly has changed my entire life and helped me see that recovery is possible. Before I first spoke with Rose, I has been struggling with obsessive eating and over exercising for over 4 years. I was at rock bottom and knew I could not keep living in the diet-binge cycle. She helped me work through years of body image and weight issues and was always available to speak with me when I needed her most. She is kind, an incredible listener, and someone who knows just what to say. I would never have been able to recover and take my life back without her." -E.H.

Intuitive Eating Coaching Packages

6-Month Package
$289 per month (or $1495 paid in full)

One 75-minute initial session

Twelve 45-minute follow-ups

Personalized goals/intentions to focus on

Applicable handouts and worksheets

Unlimited email support

3-Month Package
$333 per month (or $941 paid in full)

One 75-minute initial session

Six 45-minute follow-ups

Personalized goals/intentions to focus on

Applicable handouts and worksheets

Unlimited email support

"I have struggled with body image, binging, restricting, and dieting for most of my life. Diet culture permeates my relationships with my family members, friends, and colleagues. Diet culture is so loud, that it became impossible to listen to what my body needed and wanted, especially if it didn't follow whatever diet I was on. Through my work with Rose, I was able to start challenging diet culture and the food police, and become more attuned with my body. Rose is so gentle and non-judgmental in her approach, and I felt that I could share whatever I was struggling with, and that I had a supportive cheerleader to help guide me through this messy, challenging process." - K.W.

"I spent years thinking I could figure this out myself. That I didn't need to talk through these things with someone because my problems weren't serious enough. In reality, I'd been spinning my wheels and stressing myself out for decades. Spending this time working with Rose helped me look at things from another perspective and gain more peace with what has been going on and find ways to deal with these issues differently." - C.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

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