Hi friends! My name is Rose and I am a Registered Dietitian working, reading, hiking, and of course eating in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Rose Mattson, RD

I really love food. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and I will say yes to anything involving pasta. I am a sucker for farmer’s markets, tacos of any variety, and I get genuinely excited about eating everydamnday.

In addition to being a self-proclaimed lover of all things food, being active has always been a large part of my life. As a former collegiate athlete, I love how good nutrition can be a tool in improving performance. Currently, I find joy in all sorts of movement – favorites include lifting weights, hiking, spinning, and yoga – and truly believe that movement is one of the best ways to connect with the body.

However, looking back, my relationship with food and my body hasn’t always been positive. Unfortunately, due to a type A personality and this love of nutrition (among other things), as a teen and into early adulthood, this spiraled into a disordered relationship with food and exercise.

Luckily, this changed, throughout school and in practice, where I quickly realized numbers and rules weren’t always the answer. I immersed myself in the principles of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size, read countless research articles, and listened to podcasts from fellow non-diet practitioners about body respect and eating psychology.

I believe that the real key to health and wellness involves choosing foods that nourish both your body and mind (without unnecessary restriction or deprivation), moving your body in a way that you enjoy, and working towards body acceptance so that you can develop a positive relationship with food and self.

I started this practice to help you explore what you can offer the world, without focusing on numbers or external values. With an emphasis on compassion and self-care, I hope to help you discover what health truly means for you.

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Thank you for being here!


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