25 non-diet resolutions to focus on this new year

Hi there! Have you already set your new year resolutions? Maybe you make intentions, maybe you choose a word to live by, or maybe you don’t do anything different at all. Those are all fine options.

However, if you are still thinking of what you want to accomplish this next year, here are some more ideas!

25 non-diet resolutions to focus on this new year

1.Travel. Are there places in the US or overseas that you have always dreamed of going to? Can you take a long weekend and hit a new National Park? Utah itself has five incredible National Parks!

2. Remove the words “clean eating”, “guilt-free”, and “good-food, bad-food” from your vocabulary. Language matters

3. Start a gratitude practice. Expressing gratitude on a regular basis has been associated with improved health benefits. You can start simply by journaling 3 things you are grateful for each day.

4. Chuck your tap measure, or anything else that you’ve used to measure parts of your body.

5. Skip the diet foods. I’m talking protein ice cream, “light” whatever, “low-carb” cookies etc. If you actually DO enjoy these foods, please continue to eat them, but I invite you to really dive into whether you ACTUALLY prefer Halo Top over Dreyers. Just saying.

6. Learn a new skill or hobby. Have you always wanted to learn Italian, how to throw a pot, or how to dance? Look in your local area for discounted classes. You could also check out your local community colleges for night classes!

7. Follow positive people on social media, and unfollow anyone promoting any sort of restriction, extreme exercise, or anyone who generally makes you feel like shit.

8. Be more curious with your thoughts. When you notice a thought arise about food, exercise, or your body, start asking questions. Where did that thought come from? Is it true? Where did I learn that? Is it productive? This is a big step in becoming an Intuitive Eater!

9. Find physical activity that you enjoy. Have you always wanted to try skiing, Zumba, or a yoga class? Now is the time to try! Most fitness studios, or gyms, will offer a first class free, or a discounted first couple of classes. If group classes aren’t your thing, take a look at local Meetup groups to play an organized team sport! Finding a type of movement that you enjoy doing will make this practice sustainable.

10. Instead of apologizing, say “thank you for xyz” instead. Women tend to apologize too much.

11. Do the things now that you said you would once you reach a certain body shape or size.

12. Make sleep a priority. Research shows that consistent amounts of sleep (7-9 hrs) is optimal for health. Can you turn off the TV earlier so that you can get that amount of sleep each night? Try it and see how you feel!

13. Throw out your scale, or put it in a place where you can’t see it on a regular basis.

14. Ensure that you see you doctor, dentist, therapist, dietitian, and/or optician regularly. Preventative care should be free, and it’s recommended to do this regularly. Check out this site for more information about what is covered, and what you can get done specifically.

15. Clear your closet of clothes that no longer fit, and donate them to a good cause.

16. Connect with friends, family, and your community. Research shows that having strong social connections is extremely important for your overall health. You could also take time to volunteer within your community at your local food bank, Ronald McDonald House Charities or the American Red Cross, to name a few.

17. Work on complimenting your loved ones not by the size or shape of their body, but by something that you love and respect about them. Instead of “Oh you look so great, have you lost weight?” try “I am so happy to see you!”

18. Commit to no more negative body talk. Children pick up on this, adults will commiserate with you, and everyone has better things to talk about. If you notice yourself speaking negatively about your body, counteract it with something realistic and positive.

19. Acknowledge what diet culture is, and call it out when you see it.

20. Learn a new way of preparing a food. Hate boiled broccoli? Try it roasted with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper to increase flavor and satisfaction! Food should be enjoyable.

21. Listen to more podcasts! I love these ones listed here!

22. Practice gratitude for what your body is capable of doing. Maybe you can start each morning by telling yourself 3 things you appreciate about your body.

23. Read more books! Need suggestions? I recommend reading all of these! I also recently read All The Light You Cannot See (non-nutrition related) and loved it.

24. Take time off work. You need time to relax and recharge. You may find that you return to work more productive, focused, and ready to get things done. If possible, make sure you take your vacation time each year, and do something fun for yourself.

25. Take time to think about your life path. Are you content in your career? Your relationships? Your city? Ask yourself, what changes can you make this year to improve your happiness?

Anything else you would add?? Let’s make 2019 the year you stop dieting, and start living in line with what you truly value in life. You got this.

Want more support? I offer 1:1 virtual nutrition coaching! Together, we work on ditching the diet mentality, finding foods you truly enjoy, and embracing body acceptance. Learn more here!

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