100+ Body Positive Folks to Follow on Instagram

Curating your Instagram feed can be one of the first steps towards healing your relationship with both food and body! Here is what to do:

Step 1: go through your feed, and unfollow anyone who is promoting a certain way of eating, exercising, and/or health that doesn’t align with your values. This could be anyone who talks about “detoxes”, “fitspo”, or “bodygoals” or who generally makes you feel less-than when you consume their content.

Note: You can also choose to “mute” someone, rather than unfollow. To do this, press the three dots next to their profile name, and click “mute”. You will no longer see their images posted to your feed, but you will still be following them. This may be helpful if you wish to follow family members, or loved ones, but don’t want to see their content.

Step 2: follow non-diet dietitians and therapists, body positive influencers, activists, and more people in diverse bodies! Check out the people listed below!

100+ body positive folks to follow on instagram






Notice anyone that should be on here and isn’t? Send me an email and I’m happy to add them. This list is by no means exclusive. Happy Instragramming!

PS. If you are looking for more support, and are interested in working 1:1 together, I offer virtual Intuitive Eating coaching! Learn more here, or send me an email!

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